1. Our Consumer Customers have the right to cancel an order and the respective purchase contract within fourteen (14) days (or within any other cancel­lation period as prescribed by mandatory applicable laws) from the date where the Consumer, or a third party being not the carrier, have taken receipt of the last item of the order concerned.

  2. To exercise the cancel­lation right, the Consumer shall inform us

Lowa Sportschuhe GmbH
85305 Jetzendorf,
Tel.: +49 – (0)8137 999 444,

about its decision to that effect by stating clearly to cancel the respective order by indicating the order and customer number concerned (here­inafter “the Cancel­lation Statement”). The Consumer may use the following template, but this is not obligatory:

To: Lowa Sportschuhe GmbH
Hauptstrasse 19
85305 Jetzendorf

• Statement: I/we give you by notice that I/we withdraw from my/our contract of sale of the following articles:

Ordered on: ____

Order No.: _____

Name of Customer: _____

Address of Customer: ____

Date: ___

It is only required that the Cancel­lation Statement is provided prior to the expiration of the fourteen-day period set forth in Clause 5.1 above.

  1. We will refund without delay after receipt of the Cancel­lation Statement within ten (10) working days to the Consumer all payments received pertaining to the respective canceled order, which include also the delivery costs, yet save those, which have been caused by the Consumer decision to choose a different delivery method than our standard delivery. The refund will be made by us without charging any addi­tional cost or fees by applying the same payment method, the respective Consumer has used for payment of the canceled order, unless expressly agreed otherwise for such refund. Any refund is condi­tional upon the receipt of the returned articles or upon the Consumer’s proof that it has in fact returned them, whichever is sooner.

  2. The Consumer is required to return or to hand over the respective articles imme­diately or within a time period of four (4) days or within any other time period as prescribed by applicable mandatory laws from the date of its Cancel­lation Statement to the respective Lowa authorized Webshop distri­bution partner (which is not the carrier), where the Consumer Customer has received the articles from (here­inafter “Webshop Partner(s”). For orders executed by us this will be Lowa Sportschuhe GmbH, Hauptstrasse 19, 85305 Jetzendorf/Germany. LOWA asks the Consumer to return or hand over the shoes to the Web Shop Partner in LOWA’s original shoebox. This shall ensure that the shoes will not get dirty or will be otherwise damaged,

  3. The foregoing deadline shall be deemed to have been met by the Consumer if the articles, which form part of the Cancel­lation Statement are dispatched within the aforesaid fourteen-day time period. Unless otherwise prescribed by applicable mandatory laws, the costs for the return of the respective articles are borne by the Consumer, who shall only be liable for any loss of value of those returned articles, if such loss has been caused by unne­cessary handling by the Consumer for the purposes of verifying their features, func­tioning and/or their char­ac­ter­istics.